Sunday, March 27, 2011

Death of a chip shop

Bon Appetit!, the finest chippy there ever was, is no longer in business.

Best. Chips. Ever.

Inside, the scent possessed you as you waited in the queue, always behind some enormous Glaswegian, almost too drunk to speak, with a look about him that he'd shank you for a kebab. "Good thing he's in front", you think to yourself as you gloss over the menu, even though you know it off by heart already. Hamburgers, Pizzas, Doner Kebabs, Southern Fried Chicken, Chips and Cheese, Chicken Pakora, Popodums, Nan Bread, Curry Rice - everything a drunkard could ever ask for. The Glaswegian gets his kebab and leaves, Ricky, the soft-spoken Indian in his mid 20s asks for your order, "chips and cheese", you say as always. He turns to dump a fresh batch of chips in the fryer, he'll need it too, you and every one of your friends will wind up getting chips and cheese - third time this week

You watch as he drops a pile of cheese into a styrofoam container - a perfect bed to lay the chips down onto. Then the chips, still glistening with oil, with more cheese still on top. With a knowing look in his eye, Ricky asks

"Anything to drink?"
You nod, "Irn Bru"
"Three pound fifty".

Back out into the damp miserable Glaswegian night you stumble, the warmth of the chips seeping through the container and into your hands. The walk back to the flat is the perfect amount of time - all of the cheese has melted. You dive into it voraciously, need to eat it quickly or else the Lithuanian will finish his and start in on yours. Same for the Irn Bru. Then it's another beer.

So tonight, I'll have a wee dram for Bon Appetit!, the best chip shop ever

I took their menu home to Canada.
That's how good this place is