Things that are meant to be funny

This is where I keep things that I think are funny. If you don't think they're funny then you have no sense of humour and should probably off yourself:

This one time I interned for the Prime Minister of Canada

This one time I thought way too much about James Bond

That movie Contagion sure has loads of math in it

The London Riots

Death on Two Legs: Part One
                                          Part Two

This one time my time was wasted

This one time my crush didn't actually exist

This one time no one would give me a passport

Some mathy Star Wars thing

This one time I wrote down things I was doing

This one time the cleaning ladies kept turning off the oven while I was trying to make baked potatoes

Remember the time Pat Robertson said Haitians made a deal with the Devil? I do.

I hate fire alarms. Don't you?

This one time I tried to register for classes

This one time my friend destroyed McDonalds